About Mundamia Early Learning Centre – Noah’s Childcare Nowra

Our early learning and pre-school philosophy

Our vision is a community where every child belongs and is given every opportunity to thrive. This means we:

  • Build strong relationships with children, families and communities
  • View all children as capable learners
  • Value the input of families in all aspects of our centre
  • Work with the family to build strong foundations, strengthen abilities and improve outcomes for each child
  • Believe that early learning begins with the family and extends out to child care and the community
  • Believe that every child should have the opportunity to access early childhood education
  • Promote healthy minds and bodies for all children, their families and staff

Respect the land, history and the traditional landowners and will continue to learn from and gain knowledge from our ancestors.

Our environment

Mundamia centre has two separate rooms, one designed for 0-3 year olds and one for 3-5 year olds. Both rooms are air-conditioned and link to a purpose built natural play space.

We value the importance of outside education and this is reflected in our curriculum. We are lucky enough to be located within the university’s beautiful bushland setting with stunning views and plenty of wildlife. This means we organise regular excursions to explore our natural surroundings. Combined with our natural play space of this allow us to:

  • Build appreciation and care for the natural environment
  • Provide opportunities for discovery, investigation, sensory exploration, cause and effect, physical development, problem solving and risk taking.
  • Plan and create learning spaces that promote an overarching sense of being, belonging and becoming.

Being on the university campus also means we are located next to University of Wollongong’s Early Years teacher training program.

Our history of caring for kids of all abilities

Mundamia Early Learning Centre is for all children in the community and was set up as part of Noah’s Inclusion Services in January 2016.

Noah’s has been supporting families and working with children of all abilities in the community for over 30 years. Noah’s operates services from the same building as Mundamia Early Learning Centre, which means there is access to allied health professionals through the Kids Together Program on-site. This includes Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists.

For more information about Noah’s and the Kids Together Program, please visit the Noah’s website.

Our team

Our team consists of university and tertiary educated early childhood professionals, supported by an administration and finance team. A list of our staff is displayed in the centre.

Our team work to support and guide children in the learning process. This requires them to interact closely with the children and reflect on their practice and pedagogy. Both spontaneous and intentional teaching opportunities are part of the curriculum. The team of educators are self motivated and driven. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS) guide our practice.

All of our staff:

  • Bring experience, knowledge, professionalism and passion to our environment.
  • Wear identification name badges
  • Attend professional development activities in order to keep well informed of current trends and information that will enhance their work and professional performance
  • Attend regular team meetings
  • Have completed both the Working with Children Check, Criminal History Check, First Aid certificate and asthma and anaphylaxis training

Our curriculum

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) guides our practice and we aim to bring their guiding principles to life every day with the children at Mundamia. Some examples of this include:

Principle: Aesthetic expression

Arts experiences provide an avenue for children to explore and appreciate line, shape, colour, pattern and dynamics in the world around them.

How this looks at Mundamia: Exploration of 2D and 3D art media though the use of a wide range of tools and mediums (e.g. paint, charcoal, soft pastels, paint, paste on paper, bark, boxes, fabric). Creative and fundamental movement experiences. Dancing and playing percussion instruments to a wide range of styles, speeds, tempos, beats and dynamics in music.

Principle: Learning spaces and resources

Learning spaces are meaningful representations of children’s interests, experiences, abilities and cultural identities. An aesthetic environment promotes a sense of well being and invites exploration and the emphasis upon the use of natural materials prompts an attitude of care for the environment.

How this looks at Mundamia: Emphasis on natural materials. Open ended complex materials that promote countless ways to be explored, opportunities for repeated use and deep learning to occur. Culturally relevant, everyday resources and where possible obtained through local community.


“They are friendly and will help you out in anyway possible.”

— Parent

“Most up to date knowledge in practice.”

— Parent

“Organisation, clean environment, routine.”

— Parent

“The location is unique and gives a natural feel.”

— Parent

“Warm welcoming staff who I feel comfortable with my child.”

— Parent

“Always puts the children first.”

— Parent

“I love the natural feeling and how they teach children to appreciate nature.”

— Parent

“Fantastic learning centre. Very family orientated. Caring and compassionate teachers.”

— Parent

“They take amazing care with the children and are very accommodating to parent’s and children’s needs.”

— Parent

Latest news

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Mundamia News – Oct 2019

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Mundamia News – Jul 2019

Mundamia News – Jul 2019

Just a brief few words from me to let you know the wonderful news that Bronwyn Davidson has taken over the role of Mundamia Director. Many of you would already be familiar with Bronwyn and her warm and friendly nature. She brings to this role a wealth of knowledge and...

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Contact us

ADDRESS: Building 303, Shoalhaven Campus UOW, 69 George Evans Road, Mundamia, West Nowra NSW 2540

EMAIL: mundamia@noahsark.nsw.edu.au

PHONE: 02 4423 5022

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Friday, 7am – 5.30pm

Mundamia Early Learning Centre